Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Check out the new website!!!

Hair Design By Ashley Grubbs has recently undergone a little "face lift" if you will... Rebranding and the building of a website!

The process was easy and painless because I worked with such an amazing team! The folks over at SlideFlow Design and Divinity Creative are so immensely talented I cannot even begin to rave enough! They helped with the Branding and did the entire design of my logo as well as the awesome site! Its a great new design, and Slideflow Design works specifically with small business!

I even got professional photography included! Bessie J Watson Imagery... Bessie is a one of a kind artist behind the lens... She does more than business photography too, so check her out! I'm unsure of her website, but you can find her on Facebook.

So without further a-due......... (insert drumroll here)

I give you

Shears & Shades