Monday, March 9, 2015

Welcome back, March...

Warm Welcome to Spring!
Warmer weather is upon us as March rolls in... and we transition into Spring! The citrus trees in our backyard smell heavenly, we also enjoyed a day outside this weekend and my skin is beginning to glisten!
As the weather changes we being to think of making changes to our hair. During the winter we go darker and cooler in color with our hair, with spring we go brighter... leading into summer when it is the lightest and brightest, traditionally.
What's hot this spring? (Besides the weather) Ombre is sticking around, and it is a great way to being the transition your hair color towards that lightest and brightest color I previously mentioned. The beauty of this technique is that it is custom to your hair, your desire, and my intentions for each person is different and specific to their hair texture, density and coloring!
That leads me to the hot Spring 2015 trend that tips its hat to Ombre... ECAILLE.
Ecaille is the subtle sister to ombre, a softer version. Ecaille means tortoiseshell and it is all about elevating that beautiful hair you're born with and supplementing it with more caramel and golden highlights. The 2015 spring version is more subtle than what we will see in summer, lending to brighter (even platinum) blondes and brunettes.
So what's important? With the transition to spring and to lighter hair comes the need to CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION! It is very important to always condition your hair, even if you have fine hair! You can avoid your roots and only condition the ends by pulling it into a ponytail and applying the conditioner... or if you have short hair just simply apply to your ends! Doing so will keep your hair healthy and shiny! Beautiful! (I'm envisioning one of those Aussie hair commercials with long shiny hair waving back and forth!)
What's New? The Product You NEED To Try NOW! We have welcomed Goldwell's Kerasilk line to Leidan Mitchell this month! What you need now during the transition to lighter, healthy hair... DRUM ROLL PLEASE..
Ultra Rich Keratin Care Deep Smoothing Mask
It transforms extremely unmanageable and damaged hair into perfectly smooth and controlled hair. Replenishes disparities within the hair and seals the cuticle for long lasting manageability and luxuriously soft hair like silk. Has the highest concentration of precious keratin and silk proteins. It also supports Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment's effects at home! Use this mask once a week to condition and keep your hair healthy and strong!
Also from Kerasilk: Rich Keratin Care Shampoo & Daily Mask, Conditioning Spray & Silk Fluid. Provides shine, tames unruly and frizzy hair and contains precious keratin and silk proteins! Just beautiful!
You can find these, and the rest of Goldwell's Product line and Fadestop Wet Line in the lobby in the front Window!
2015 has been a WONDERFUL year so far in the salon! With that I want to recommend that you begin PRE-BOOKING your services! I want nothing more than for you to reserve the time and days that work best for you and your schedule! I'm so blessed to say that my business has blossomed into a wonderful and thriving, beautiful mess! Mess is an over exaggeration! I am so happy! But I have had many clients scrambling to get into my schedule, thus the need to prebook!
Appointments may always be changed with no problems as long as it is done so no later than 24 hours before the appointment. If appointments are cancelled in less than 24 hours they are subject to a cancelation fee of 1/2 of the service total. I don't do this to be cruel, but to be courteous of other clients as well as my time. Don't fear, I do understand people fall ill, just please let me know as soon as possible to avoid the cancelation fee. Thank you to those of you that already are happily obliging to this!
Please call or text me if you are having trouble finding an appointment, it may be that my schedule is full... But I am always happy to double check for you! You can also reach me from the Shears & Shades Website in the contact section.
If you haven't already (and are still hanging in there with me on this long winded email) please 'LIKE' Me on Facebook! I'm also on Instagram sharing all of your beautiful heads of hair under the user name of shearsandshades. Check me out!

And, once again, I thank you for allowing me into your life & your hair to "satisfy all of your chemical addictions one strand at a time!" I appreciate you and your business! See you in the salon soon!

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