Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hair Care and Color Retention

It's the age old question... why can't I just use the shampoo from Walmart?

I find I am asked this several times a month and thought it would be a fabulous topic for my blog! I get it, it seems like all shampoos and conditioners are the same... albeit, all shampoos and conditioners were not created equally. Here's why:

If you look at the ingredients in the shampoo your hair care extraordinaire suggested to you and compare it to those of a bottle of that drug store brand, you will likely see the same long, confusing ingredient names listed... This however does not mean you will be getting the same thing! You see, those drug store brands are made from a low quality form of each ingredient and the salon quality products are made from ingredients of much higher quality and integrity... Drug store brands are also made in bulk... sit on the shelves for God knows how long, and (lets get down to the nitty gritty) strip your hair color you've just invested in... Not cool dude!

You see, to me the most important reason for you to purchase the salon quality shampoo and conditioner that I believe in is this simple fact that goes back to your pocket book:

You just made an investment of your hard earned money into the chemical service I just spent hours performing... that's your blood, sweat and tears COMBINED with my blood, sweat and tears... We need to protect it! I mean, would you take that new car you just bought and park it next to that jerk that took up 1/4 of the spot you are attempting to park in? Would you put that freshly polished pedicure into socks and shoes immediately following the service? Would you let that chocolate cake you made go to waste if no one was there to eat it!? (Ok, maybe that is just me... TMI)

The answer to those questions is no, you would most likely not. And that makes you smart!

When I make product suggestions to my clients it's not because I'm trying to make a buck or scam them... I want to see them retain that color work I've just worked hard completing, the product which they just spent their hard earned money on, and I want to see them still loving their color when they return to refresh their look!

The other great thing is, the correct tools help you retain your color!

Did you know that when I suggest you purchase Goldwell Fade Stop Shampoo and Conditioner after your color service I am doing so because it helps stop your color from fading!? It's true! Working together they reduce color fading to a minimum, instantly detangle the hair & intensifies color brilliance! I could get all tech-y and tell you that it brings the PH back to ideal range and neutralizes oxidation caused by the environment, hot tools, water, etc... but I'll spare you!

Professional brands... they are a wonderful thing!

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